Sunday, April 5, 2009

Israeli politics: Taking shape in Israel

A deal with Labour allows Binyamin Netanyahu to form a government in Israel

BINYAMIN NETANYAHU has his government at last. Six weeks after a general election gave him an uncomfortably narrow advantage in a fragmented, 12-party parliament, the centre-left Labour Party voted on Tuesday March 24th to join his Likud Party and its rightist and religious allies in a coalition. The new government will be sworn in next week, just before the Knesset falls into recess for a holiday to mark Passover.

Mr Netanyahu expects eventually to command 67 seats in the 120-seat House. But he is still locked in negotiation with an ultra-Orthodox party, United Torah Judaism, and may have to do without its five seats, leaving him with just 62. This figure includes six of Labour’s 13 Knesset members. The other seven are threatening, with varying degrees of vehemence, to deny Mr Netanyahu their support. ...


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