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Obama, you ungrateful hypocrite, your online audience are the ones that raised half a billion dollars to put you in power

On 19 March 2009 I posted an article asking two very important questions. We just got the answer to the first, and we anxiously await the answer to the second.

The first question was; would Obama finally fulfill the US administrations promise to end prohibition, a promise that was made by President Jimmy Carter over 30 years ago. It was a legitimate question, since this is exactly what Obama promised when he made the following statement:

�SThe war on drugs has been an utter failure, and I think we need to rethink and decriminalize our marijuana laws.⬝

Unfortunately, however, on 26 March 2009, during an Interactive Town Hall Meeting, Obama stated that:

�S��There was one question that was voted on that ranked fairly high (sic, it was actually the number 1 question) and that was whether legalizing marijuana would improve the economy and job creation, and I don�"t know what this says about the online audience,�" Mr. Obama said, drawing a laugh. He said he wanted to make sure the question got answered. ��The answer is no, I don�"t think that was a good strategy.�"⬝

Aside from this statement showing what a complete hypocrite he has become in just a few short weeks in power, it also shows that he is not only ungrateful to those individuals who donated money to him during these brutal economic times, but that he is in power to maintain the status quo.

If you recall, because obviously Obama doesn�"t, �SBarack Obama raised half a billion dollars online in his 21-month campaign for the White House, dramatically ushering in a new digital era in presidential fundraising.⬝

�SIn an exclusive interview with The Post, members of the vaunted Triple O, Obama's online operation, broke down the numbers: 3 million donors made a total of 6.5 million donations online adding up to more than $500 million. Of those 6.5 million donations, 6 million were in increments of $100 or less. The average online donation was $80, and the average Obama donor gave more than once.⬝

There is a nice little video regarding this at the following BBC link: �SInternet key to Obama victories.⬝ Considering that Obama doesn�"t know what half a billion dollars in donations �Ssays about the online audience⬝, I recommend that people stop supporting him.

Of course Obama might be under the impression that he has special privileges that ordinary people do not, especially looking at the way he was shaking his head and waving his arms when he replied �SNO⬝, as if he was talking to children who don�"t know the facts. The audacity of this man to dismiss the number one request that the online community had from him is frightening; specially coming from a lying hypocrite that �Sinhaled frequently⬝.

I personally don�"t understand how US citizens can laugh while prohibition laws are destroying their children�"s lives, for what is essentially plant crime. Don�"t they know that �Sthe U.S. correctional population -- those in jail, prison, on probation or on parole -- totaled 7.3 million, or 1 in every 31 adults⬝?

Now just imagine if the online community didn�"t give all that money to Obama, but instead to the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). That would be the positive change that we need, and would definitely give us hope for the future.

I wish the citizens of the United States the best of luck, you�"re going to need it.

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